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OtiCare P Ear Powder


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OtiCare P Ear Powder helps keep the ears dry and reduces ear odors. It is also used to remove hair and debris from the ears.

Active Ingredients:
Zinc Oxide: A mild astringent with skin
drying and natural anti-inflammatory
Rosin Powder: Increases grip for removing
excess hair from the ear canal
Wintergreen Oil: Contributes a pleasant
odor to the product

Product Description:
Light weight white powder with a slight
evergreen odor

How to Use:
First clean ear with OtiClean A Ear Cleaning Lotion. Next, puff OtiCare P Ear Powder into the ear canal. Following application forceps or tweezers may be used to remove excess hair growing in the ear canal if required.

Shelf-Life: 3 years

Methyl Salicylate in Wintergreen Oil may
cause allergy concerns for either clinician
or animal.

Available in a 6 gram bottle.