Product Influencers & Pet Professionals

MiracleCorp offers a wide variety of pet professionals with innovative and unique products to help serve their clients, patients and customers. Through the years, we have developed close working relationships with Groomers, Trainers, Vets and Retailers around the world who are enthusiastic supporters of our products.


Over the years, MiracleCorp has developed relationships with groomers around the globe. From shampoos, treats and grooming tools, Groomers enjoy the wide variety of products each brand MiracleCorp has to offer. 

Our Products Most Used & Recommended by Groomers:

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MiracleCorp Products offers products across all brands that fit each need for Trainers. Our relationships with Trainers have grown into becoming their one-stop for treats, collars, leashes and care products.

Our Products Most Used & Recommended by Trainers:

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For years, we have created unique brands specific to the Vet market. We've developed brands like ARC and products like Fiber Formula to continue to grow our relationships with Veterinarians around the world.

Our Products Most Used & Recommended by Vets:

  • ARC Laboratories are products specific to Vets. The ARC line includes ear care, kwik stop and bitter orange. 
  • Fiber Formula Treats were created by an innovative Veterinarian to support therapeutic diets.
  • Stewart Pro-Treats are used and sold by Vets because they are healthy, natural, grain-free and single ingredient making them ideal for picky pets and those with dietary restrictions.
  • Kwik Stop Products quickly control minor bleeding and relieve pain. Perfect for Vets who trim nails on occasion.
  • Miracle Care First Aid Products provide Veterinaries with a wide variety of items from wound care to intestinal issues. 

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Social Media Influencers

MiracleCorp recently acquired several brand influencers through the social media platform, Instagram. Our social media influencers receive, photograph and review our products through creating and posting engaging content on Instagram.

Our Products Most Used & Recommended by Social Media Influencers:

  • Stewart Cheddar Cheese Pro-Treats are loved by our social media influencers because they are unique and fun to use as a reward.
  • Stewart Bison Liver Pro-Treats have made a comeback and our social media influencers are obsessed. Our influencers love rewarding their pup with an exotic meat. 
  • The Hamilton Go Boldly Collection has become an everyday use product for each influencer. The two tone and versatility is a hot topic from our social media influencers.
  • The Hamilton High Visibility Collection is a staple for influencers when they are walking early mornings and late evenings. Influencers feel seen & safe in the bright reflective sets.
  • Miracle Care Grooming Tools are loved by each social media influencer. They appreciate the variety of combs, brushes, shears and many more grooming tools Miracle Care offers.

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