Ruffled Feathers Bird, Mite & Lice Spray
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Ruffled Feathers Bird, Mite & Lice Spray


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Bird mites are very tiny parasites with a flattened body and piercing mouthparts that allow them to take blood from birds. The mites are a translucent white until they take blood which then makes them a reddish to brown color. Due to this color they are extremely hard to see with the naked eye. Bird lice are usually chewing lice that live on birds and feed on feathers, skin, and sometimes blood. These lice are not known to be particularly harmful, however, due to the irritation they can cause birds, the birds may harm themselves while trying to scratch.
Natural Chemistry Pet & Home’s Ruffled Feathers Bird Mite & Lice Spray™ can help kill mites and lice on birds by contact as well as in their cages.


  • Highly effective, safe and natural formula designed to eliminate external parasites on caged birds of all species
  • Made with safe, natural oils, it’s gentle enough for birds of all ages, and even birds with sensitive respiratory tracts
  • Designed for caged birds of all species
  • Can be used directly on birds or on their cages
  • Effectively kills mites and lice